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Save Money with combined Shipping!

You can buy many different pure Vintage items at the Pimp-Factory with discount. We have more than 1000 Items on Stock, new Items arrived weekly.

You can also buy items from third-party suppliers in Europe and have them sent to us. We receive and store your items until combined shipping for a small fee!

1. Being registered as a B2B Customer at the Pimp-Factory, means:

You will receive a discount on each product you are buying!

If you decide for more than one part, all of your goods will be shipped sent in only one package and supply stays most cost-effective

2. Extra Service for registered Business Customers, does mean with the Pimp-Factory:

Buying Vintage Items by from third-party Dealers is allowed!

We will assist you in accepting your items and checking for you.

If the third-party is not yet ready for shipping, we can arrange a pickup to our Warehouse

3. B2B Advantage of The combined Shipping does mean::

We collect and store all your items safe in our warehouse and we are screening Transfer market for the most convenient shipping routes. We will inform you immediately about any change of status.

In Relation to the Volume, we choose the most economic Way of Shipping.  If the maximum Load Capacity is reached, we will close your Project and complete Shipping to your Destination.

The shipping costs for your complete collection have to be to be paid for right before shipping.

So you will save a lot of Shipping Cost!

Even more: We support full range of Shipping:

          • Air Freight
          • Railway
          • Ship`s Freight

We are organizing all arrangements around shipping
until the shipment is in your country!

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